We are passionate about helping others to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Story

8 TEAS is a new innovative, Australian owned family Tea Company founded by Soula Thuring.

Chinese for centuries uphold the auspicious and lucky number 8 as symbolic in meaning of Infinity & Eternity. Tea leaves and herbs have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties.  Soula also believes that drinking tea can provide infinite health benefits, with the potential to improve one’s wellbeing and lifestyle.

30 years experience in design, product development, project management and interests in personal development led Soula to embark on further studies in various natural therapy modalities.  Her experience as a life coach, health and wellness mentor, passion for herbal teas and desire to create a difference in people’s lives, inspired Soula to create her own signature herbal tea range for the health conscious’ individual.

Soula wanted to share her experience with family that also we’re passionate about tea and enlisted her sister, Stella Rodi for her vast experience as a Health/Wellness consultant & manager.  Stella is an asset of knowledge in health & nutrition and is passionate in assisting others reach their health goals.

Kristina Psathas also joins them for her expertise and experience in various large corporations as an executive graphic design manager and marketing manager.

Kristina’s creative prowess is an asset to the company and identified by 8 Teas’ branding and contemporary product design.

Together, they team with a qualified Naturopath and industry experts to provide specially formulated organic herbal teas that consist of 8 natural ingredients. Our Health Infinity range of herbal teas are each hand blended in Australia using local and international premium organic, loose leaf teas and herbs that naturally Energise, Revitalise & Empower all your senses. Body, Mind and Spirit.


Our values are clear:

We support local and international suppliers and farmers that promote ethical work practices and those that give back to their community.

We aim to continue creating artisan tea products that are Organically & Naturally Beautiful, Nutritious and Delicious.


8 Teas introduce our large range of tea products by way of our online store and by hosting 8 Teas Parties, where you can enjoy the tea tasting experience in a social and fun environment.

Stay tuned for further announcement of our 8 Teas 'Slim Fit' Club and classes.

Need some TEA.L.C?  Shop online now and improve your wellbeing today!